Speaker at Meeting Embedded 2020

Jens Weller

Talk: Welcome Message

Jens Weller is the organizer and founder of Meeting C++ and Meeting Embedded. Doing C++ since 1998, he is an active member of the C++ Community. From being a moderator at c-plusplus.de and organizer of his own C++ User Group since 2011 in Düsseldorf, his roots are in the C++ Community. Today his main work is running the Meeting C++ Platform (conference, website, social media and recruiting). His main role has become being a C++ evangelist, as this he speaks and travels to other conferences and user groups around the world.

Daniel Penning

Talk: The hidden risks in off-target testing

Daniel studied electronical engineering and is the founder of embeff, a startup which brings the benefits of modern software engineering practices to the embedded world.

He has more than 10 years professional experience in different areas of software engineering but is really fascinated by the specific requirements of embedded systems.

Paul Bendixen

Talk: No raw loops with no OS -- Freestanding on the shoulders of giants

Paul is a C++ firmware enthusiast and hacker who strives for bringing the best practices of computer engineering to the embedded world.

At day he works on firmware and hardware at Trifork and at night he works on improving the embedded C++ world.

Paul has been a self-declared SG14 member almost from its inception and has worked on implementations of a couple of proposals from the group.

He is also a father of one, a hacker and a scout for life.

Frank Grimm

Talk: mbeddr — C with Domain-specific Abstractions

Dr. Frank Grimm is a professor of informatics at Zwickau University of Applied Sciences, Germany where he teaches systems programming and software development for embedded systems (and other development-related courses). Before joining accademia, Frank worked in the software industry in various roles related to software-development.

Kris Jusiak

Talk: Online Arduino Development with Modern C++

Kris is a Senior Software Engineer passionate about programming and has worked in different industries over the years including telecommunications, games and most recently finance for Quantlab Financial, LLC. He has an interest in modern C++ development with a focus on performance and quality. He is an open-source enthusiast with multiple open-source libraries where he uses template meta-programming techniques to support the C++ rule - "Don't pay for what you don't use" whilst trying to be as declarative as possible with a help of domain-specific languages. Kris is also a keen advocate of extreme programming techniques, Test/Behavior Driven Development and truly believes that 'the only way to go fast is to go well!'.

Inbal Levi

Talk: Exceptions Under the Spotlight

Inbal Levi is an embedded software engineer with a passion for high performance.
She is one of the organizers of CoreCpp conference and CoreCpp user group.
She's also a member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 (the C++ Standards Committee), and among the founders of the Israeli NB Mirror committee.