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Meeting Embedded aims at providing similar services to the IoT and Embedded world as Meeting C++ does for the C++ community.

Follow the weekly blog roll for Embedded & IoT, plus get a monthly overview on the upcoming User Group meetings in the field!

Meeting Embedded Blogroll

Meeting Embedded Blogroll 283

published at 01.12.2023 13:04 by Jens Weller

Meeting Embedded Blogroll 282

published at 24.11.2023 12:09 by Jens Weller

Meeting Embedded Blogroll 281

published at 17.11.2023 11:11 by Jens Weller

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Meeting Embedded News

Meeting Embedded at Meeting C++ 2023

published at 22.08.2023 15:37 by Jens Weller

Quickly highlighting the embedded talks that made it to Meeting C++ 2023!

Meeting Embedded 2023 joins Meeting C++ 2023!

published at 25.04.2023 11:01 by Jens Weller

As last year already announced: this years Meeting Embedded is part of Meeting C++. So if you'd like to present a talk on embedded, please submit this talk to Meeting C++ 2023.

Canceling Meeting Embedded 2022

published at 11.10.2022 14:32 by Jens Weller

As the call for talks has not raised any interest in presenting online talks on embedded topics, I have to conclude that there is no Meeting Embedded this year.

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