Speaker at Meeting Embedded 2021

Burkhard Stubert

Talk: Hexagonal Architecture: The Standard for Qt Embedded Applications

As a solo consultant, Burkhard helps companies succeed with Qt embedded systems. His major products include the infotainment system for a US car OEM, the driver terminal of the ROPA sugar beet harvesters and the driver terminal of the Krone forage harvesters.

Many customers ask Burkhard to support them with their first in-house development of a Qt embedded system. Based on 25 years of experience, he can select suitable hardware, build custom-Linux systems with Yocto and create long-lived system architectures.

Burkhard improves the development processes of the teams he works with. He can help you to use Qt under LGPLv3 and knows how to ensure FOSS license compliance of Qt embedded systems.

Burkhard worked and lived in India, England and Norway and moved back to his native country, Germany, a couple of years ago. In his spare time, he is hiking, biking, and skiing through the Bavarian Alpes.

Ivica Bogosavljevic

Talk: Performance Optimization Techniques for Mobile Devices: An Overview

About: Application Performance Specialist with 10 years of experience active in the domain of Linux and bare-metal embedded systems. His professional focus is application performance improvement - techniques used to make your C/C++ program run faster by using better algorithms, better exploiting the underlying hardware, and better usage of the standard library, programming language, and the operating system. Writer for a performance-related tech blog: https://johnysswlab.com

Richard Kaiser

Talk: C++17 Polymorphic Memory Resources (pmr) and STL Containers for Embedded Applications

Nach dem Studium der Mathematik an der Universität Tübingen und der FU Berlin war Richard Kaiser an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Reutlingen in der Lehrerausbildung tätig und hat sich intensiv mit Mathematikdidaktik beschäftigt. Danach war er Software-Entwickler (v.a. für technische Anwendungen), bei einigen Firmen Leiter der Software-Abteilung, über 20 Jahre Professor an der Dualen Hochschule Lörrach, über 30 Jahre freiberuflicher Trainer für C, C++, C#, Speaker bei Konferenzen, Mitglied im DIN Normierungsausschuss Informationstechnik NI-22, usw.



Tawaliou Alao

Talk: Embedded development to help young developers improvement: case of C++ developers.

Tawaliou ALAO is an energy and process engineering student and is currently working as a junior IoT developer at YoupiLab.
His love for connected objects, the C ++ language pushes him to focus on embedded systems in the last year of the specialty. C ++ / JavaScript / Kotlin are his tools in daily tasks.

When he's not coding, he plays Beach Buggy Racing, follows documentaries, and plays soccer.